I was nervous about my surgery. I have been contemplating to have a rhinoplasty for a long time but unfortunately, I could not afford it. A friend mentioned Inner Love Medical Tourism, so I gave them a call and 10 days later I was back home in the U.S with my new nose that absolutely changed how I felt about myself. I do not regret it and recommend them 100%. I never felt alone and unsafe in Guadalajara, Mexico. The medical staff was incredible and fluent in English which was one of my main concerns. I feel beautiful and see myself in a whole new way.

- Lorena P.

As a salesperson appearance is particularly important. I was not happy with my smile and how my teeth looked. After going to a few consultations in the US for estimates, I decided to contact Inner Love to discuss what I wanted and get answers to questions I had about the entire process. I was able to stay in communication with them through every step of the way until my return home with my new veneers on all my upper teeth. The results are unbelievable and the doctor they work with is incredibly talented. I cannot express how happy and good I feel about my smile. Thank you Inner Love Medical.

- Tammy G.

I want to thank Inner Love Medical Tourism for the excellent experience with the dental services I received recently in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico the week of 7/3/22 to 7/10/22. From the beginning until the end, Ivette was on top of every detail related with the trip in a very efficient and professional manner, scheduling ahead of time the appointments, transportation, lodging, and many other attentions. The dental work was excellent at a third of the cost of what I was quoted in the US. I am happy and satisfied with the results. Finally, I want to thank Ivette and Inner Love Medical Tourism for giving me back the smile I hid for so many years to avoid showing my missing teeth that spoiled the aesthetic appearance of my face. I give Inner Love Medical Tourism 5 stars!

- Raul C.

For a few years now, I’ve wanted to get dental veneers to improve my smile. However, due to the fact health insurance didn’t cover this I held off. Finally, I decided to take the next step and made arrangements with Inner Love Medical Tourism. As it was explained, upon arrival to the airport of Guadalajara, a private driver was waiting for us who took us to our Airbnb that was arranged by Inner Love. The apartment was accommodating and in a very nice area of the city. The dental team was very friendly, professional, and made me feel very comfortable answering any questions I had. I will say the dentist was very meticulous matching the color and making sure there was no discomfort. They also did a deep cleaning and whitening of my lower teeth. He took his time, and I didn’t feel the procedure was being rushed. Ivette did an outstanding job making sure the private driver was on time for pick-up at the apartment to the dental office and back on the two visits I had. Her communication skills were outstanding, and I always knew what was the next step. There’s no doubt I saved a couple thousand dollars vs getting it done in the US even with the cost of airfare. I would highly recommend Ivette and Inner Love Medical Tourism!

- Martin C.

Excelente acompañamiento y atención, sin duda tuve muy buena experiencia.
- Luz P.

Inner Love Medical Tourism helped me and my friends plan a fantastic girls trip to Mexico. It was so great to have someone else take care of all the details so we could just relax. Inner Love took care of everything from booking our airfare & hotel to planning our excursions complete with a driver and meals. The cherry on top was the procedures I had done. While there I had my lips injected and my teeth whitened (at a much cheaper rate than I would pay in the US). Everyone was very nice and professional. They really listened to what I wanted and I couldn’t be happier with the results. We had such a great time that my girls and I are already planning another trip with Inner Love Medical Tourism for next year!
- J. Parlier.

I had the pleasure of being in one of Innerlove medical tourism girl’s trip.

This was by far one of the best girl’s trip I’ve ever been to. It was wonderful not have to worry about anything but to get ready to have a fantastic time with my friends.
Ivette took care of everything from,airline tickets,transportation, meals,entertainment site seeing,appointments and more.
While in Guadalajara we got to visit different places like Tequila,Tlaquepaque,Jocotepec, Chapala. Ivette and her staff were fantastic fulfilling every request and answering every question. I got a few services starting with the teeth withening, the office was modern, clean and the staff was very nice and professional. The treatment was a little over 45 min. I had no sensitivity and my teeth felt and looked great. After that I had a two hours full body massage and facial it was very enjoyable and relaxing. My skin was glowing ✨️. I also got microblading, the office was beautiful and clean,the staff very professional and friendly what a huge difference some nice eyebrows make.
Thank you Innerlove for such an amazing experience.
I can’t wait to go back.

Vacation and beautification all in one.
- Elizabeth F.

From the moment I first spoke to Ivette when contacting Inner Love Medical Tourism I felt so comfortable and informed. She answered any and all questions for me not only on the phone call but anytime I texted her afterwards as well. After a few months of thinking about all the information I was given I was more than comfortable making the choice to go with Inner Love. I have to admit I was apprehensive at first because I was going to be traveling to another country for surgery. Ivette was very reassuring and explained every step of the way in detail. I felt a trust with her every step of the way. I booked a date and went over all the preop procedures. I was in Jalisco, Mexico for 12 days from 10/20/22 to 11/01/22. I was picked up from airport by a driver who was waiting for me with a sign to take me to my recovery house. The next morning I had brachioplasty and abdominoplasty 360 with my surgeon, Dr. Forasté who was also so amazing. He answered every question and I never left his office feeling unsure of anything. He spent time with me explaining and helping me understand the entire process. He was very thorough and still is. The whole team made me feel comfortable my entire trip. I went to the recovery house and was so pleased with how nice, clean, and relaxing it was.The nurses at the Apapacho recovery house couldn’t have been nicer or more attentive. They took care of my every need including all my meals. My driver took me to all follow up appointments throughout my trip. Ivette coordinated this entire thing and was there anytime I called or texted her. When I had my final appointment with my surgeon for discharge he assured me that our journey was not over and that he would still be very much a part of the rest of my recovery. He told me to check in weekly and to call for anything at all I might need. I couldn’t really have had a better experience. Not only did I have the best experience I made friends with all the nurses, the driver, my surgeon, Maria, who came with me to all appointments to translate when needed, and of course Ivette. I owe this experience to every single one of them. If it wasn’t for the trust I have in Ivette and Inner Love Medical I never would have travelled for these procedures. I paid much less and had better care than I think I would have had in United States. I love and appreciate you all! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
- Brooke D.